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Effect drawing designer

Social Recruitment

Post name:

Effect drawing designer

Working place:
Longwen District, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province- -
Affiliate department:
Social Recruitment
Recruiting number:
Job nature:
Full time
Years of working:
1-3 years
Education background:
Junior high school
Release time:
2019/01/17 10:27
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Post description:

Post responsibility. 

1, mainly according to the space and our products, combined with customer requirements for effect drawing production, according to customer requirements for the daily indoor and outdoor product effect drawing design. 
2, responsible for the collation of the company design database. 


1. Skillfully use 3D, CAD, PS and other 3D 2D design and drawing software. 
2. College degree or above, majored in interior design or art; good team player and communication skill. 
3. Obey the requirements of leadership and have a strong sense of responsibility. 
(4) having a certain understanding and understanding of the design requirements and spatial composition; 
5. Have a good background in art, master color and lighting. 
Work location: long Wen District Bihu Ecological Garden Boatyard Village Building 3, second floor, Citywide, Longwen District