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Network Operations specialist

Social Recruitment

Post name:

Network Operations specialist

Working place:
Longwen District, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province- -
Affiliate department:
Social Recruitment
Recruiting number:
Job nature:
Full time
Years of working:
1-3 years
Education background:
Junior high school
Release time:
2019/01/17 10:28
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Post description:

Job responsibilities: 

1, responsible for the website content design, the keyword SEO optimization, promotes the company website rank; 
2, responsible for the website flow / inquiry analysis and improve the program; 
3.According to the need of operation, flexibly control the popularizing dynamics and budget, promote the ratio of input and output; 
4. Plan relevant promotion programs (sales promotion, new product promotion, etc.) according to industry / market / current events on a regular basis. 
5, responsible for the company website activities thematic layout, design and production upload; 
6. According to the company strategy, make the company brand network promotion plan. 
7, do all kinds of information and data collection, collation, summary, archiving and other work, for the successful development of the company to provide quality materials; 
8. Assist in shooting and cataloguing of products; 
9. Provide related design support for business requirement department; 
Responsible for B2B platform and website product upload work, SNS propaganda material collection and production. 


Job requirements: 

College degree or above, at least 1 year SEO experience in website, new media operation experience, CET6 level in English; 
2. Rich (SEO) experience in SEO, familiar with internal and external chain construction, keyword analysis and mining; 
3, familiar with the common domestic and foreign network platform (Baidu Tieba, encyclopedia, blog, Weibo, FACEBOOK,TWITTER,BLOG,LINKDEDIN, etc.) promotion skills; 
4, be good at popularizing the input-output effect analysis, carry on the adjustment of the popularizing operation strategy according to the data; 
5, have the basic ability and skill of brand promotion; 
6. Have good communication and collaboration ability, innovative ability, be good at accepting new marketing methods and use them; 
7, has the soft writing skill and the operation plan ability, carries on the operation work according to the popular current affairs the ability; 
8, innovative thinking, attention to details, can stand in the position of consumers / users to carry out network publicity work;