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Purchasing manager

Social Recruitment

Post name:

Purchasing manager

Working place:
Longwen District, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province- -
Affiliate department:
Social Recruitment
Recruiting number:
Job nature:
Full time
Years of working:
5-10 years
Education background:
Senior high school
Release time:
2019/01/17 10:26
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Post description:

Job responsibilities: 

1. Responsible for the management of suppliers, organize the selection of suppliers, establish the supplier file management system, deal with the unqualified suppliers, ensure the optimal management of suppliers, draw up the supplier system development plan; 
Check the price, capacity, quality and delivery time of the old supplier to confirm the original supplier's stable supply ability, reduce the purchase cost and enhance the profit margin of the company; compare and analyze the supplier's supply quality and quotation at regular intervals; 
Provide analysis report to general manager for decision support, assist QC department to guide and train supplier's technology and production process quality, establish and perfect management system, ensure the realization of company's supply target. 
2. Implement and monitor the purchasing plan, adjust the purchasing plan in time according to the actual situation of the order and production, ensure the completion of the purchasing task on time, draw up and sign the purchasing contract, and make suggestions on the payment cycle of the suppliers; 
3, outsourcing material management, supervise the purchase of materials to the material situation, understand the progress of production materials; with the warehouse, PMC to determine the material plan, consultation to deal with the problems in the material process; with the relevant departments to deal with the abnormal situation in the material process. 
Inform the superiors of the major or emergency events, coordinate the solution; 
4, daily work of purchasing, negotiation of purchasing goods in large quantities, urgent purchasing of materials in various departments, finding out all kinds of problems arising therefrom, and solving them in time; 
5, the daily management of the department, the development of the procurement department management system, process, job description and operating specifications; procurement staff training to improve the level of procurement staff, supervision of procurement personnel procurement performance; 
To prevent violations of company regulations; to guide, supervise and check the work of subordinates, master the work and related data; to hold and preside over department meetings and attend relevant meetings of the company on a regular basis. 

Job requirements: 

1. At least 8 years experience in purchasing, 5 years experience in purchasing management position, familiar with office software and ERP system; 
2, be good at calculating the total cost and mastering the purchase skill, good professional ethics, loyal to the enterprise, strive for the biggest profit for the enterprise; 
3. Having the overall view, can grasp the overall situation of the supply chain, find out the better supply chain; 
4. Sharp market analysis and judgment ability, good demand forecast ability; 
5, has the unity cooperation spirit, the good communication ability, the high work enthusiasm, resists the pressure to be strong, the principle is strong.