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Quality control officer

Social Recruitment

Post name:

Quality control officer

Working place:
Longwen District, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province- -
Affiliate department:
Social Recruitment
Recruiting number:
Job nature:
Full time
Years of working:
5-10 years
Education background:
Junior high school
Release time:
2019/01/17 10:21
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Post description:

Job responsibilities: 

1. Order review. 
Be responsible for the confirmation of material specification, dimension and quality standard related to the order product; provide the quality standard of the order product and the confirmation of the delivery packing method of the order product; 
2. Working standard. 
Responsible for formulating and improving the company's quality control work process and rules, quality control work inspection methods and inspection standards, inspection equipment, tools correction operation and supervision of implementation; 
3. Quality control. 
Responsible for supervising subordinates' operation specification and quality management of related departments; formulating improvement measures for product quality problems; chairing product quality CAR meeting and supervising the implementation of meeting decisions; 
4. Customer service. 
Accompany customer site inspection, solve the quality problem raised by customer; record the rectification request made by customer during inspection and transmit to relevant department, reply customer rectification result in time; 
5, responsible for the training of quality control courses; 
6, to be responsible for the supervision of the production quality of the outsourced manufacturers; 
7, complete the other tasks assigned by the superior. 

Job requirements: 

1.More than 5 years working experience in the same position in the same industry; 
2.Mastering the standard of ISO9000 quality management system, familiar with the basic theory and method of quality management; 
3, familiar with the company's products and its production process, understand the company's production characteristics and process capacity, have a certain understanding of mechanical equipment, such as pipe bender, punch, familiar with wood, hardware commonly used material characteristics. 
4, have good organization and coordination, communication ability, abide by the rules and regulations of the company, act impartially; 
5, dare to challenge, strong sense of responsibility, with practical spirit and team spirit; 
Strong communication, coordination and problem-solving skills.