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The international furniture exhibition Poland

The international furniture exhibition Poland

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On 2-4th Sept, ISTUDY ergonomic kids study table and chair attended the international furniture exhibition Poland, During the exhibition, many parents with children to experience the function of ISTUDY, ISTUDY was loved by the majority of children and parents.

On 2-4th Sept, ISTUDY ergonomic kids study table and chair attended the international furniture exhibition Poland, During the exhibition, many parents with children to experience the function of ISTUDY, ISTUDY was loved by the majority of children and parents.

Polish TV interviewed ISTUDY Polish regional agent, They talked about the importance of children's ergonomics height adjustable kids study tables and chairs for the correct and healthy learning of children, and It is the promotion of children's learning efficiency. It is also believed that istudy will further extend the concept of ergonomics in the Polish market.
To celebrate the success of the international furniture exhibition Poland.
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