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Campus Recruitment

Campus Recruitment in 2019


Three foreign trade salesmen, salary and welfare: 6 days monthly rest, base salary + commission + year-end bonus

Job responsibilities:
1. Developing customers;
2. Business follow-up;
3. Customer inquiries;
4. Sign a contract.
Work place: Tuoyuan Building, Bihu Ecological Park City, Zhangzhou City
Job requirements
English CET-4 or above, fluent in listening, speaking and writing;
Familiar with the operation and application of Alibaba International Station Platform;
Skillful application of network platform to develop customers;
More than one year experience in foreign trade;
Hard indicators for the recruitment of new graduates:
College degree or above, major in International Trade or Business English;
English CET-4 or above, fluent in listening, speaking and writing;
Enough sense of teamwork, self-confidence and good communication skills.

One technician (reserve cadre), salary and welfare: 4 days monthly rest, 2500-4000 yuan per month

Job responsibilities:
1. Learning all kinds of skills, mainly in three directions: production management, sample making and product development.
Complete all tasks according to the requirements of the teacher.
3, 3 months to learn basic working skills;
Job requirements:
1. Have a certain technical basis, such as production technology, can adjust the machine or welding, strong hands-on ability.
2. Have a certain computer foundation, if you can do graphic drawing, CAD will be preferred.
3. Hard-working and have a certain plan for life

Two Administrative Commissioners, Salary and Welfare: 6-day monthly rest, 3000-4000 yuan/month

Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for vehicle dispatch and approval of dispatch receipts, vehicle maintenance, annual inspection and certificate management;
2. Organizing and coordinating matters related to corporate culture and activities;
3. Implementation of integral management;
4. Assist superiors to collect data such as performance appraisal;
5. Daily management and allocation of dormitories;
6. Coordination of plant monitoring and security work;
7. Complete tasks assigned by superiors.
Job requirements:
1. Good writing skills, good at writing documents;
2. Good image, cheerful personality, outgoing, fluent Mandarin and Minnan dialect;
3. Skilled in operating common office software, such as word, excel, etc.
4. Good analytical, problem-solving thinking and ability, good communication and expression skills;
5. Active, responsible, down-to-earth, with a good ability to resist pressure;
6. Strong affinity, patient and careful, upright and clear thinking;

One warehouse clerk, salary and benefits: 4 days monthly rest, 3000-4000 yuan/month

Job responsibilities:
1. Goods in and out of warehouse;
2. ERP recording and handover;
3. Complete the inventory work regularly (monthly) according to the company's requirements, and make the inventory report to the supervisor;
4. Management of finished materials;
5. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors on time.
Job requirements:
1. Experience in factory warehouse management;
2. Familiar with computer operation;
3. Willing to learn ERP operation, familiarity with Kingdeer K3 is preferred;
4. Good communication and coordination skills;
5. High sense of responsibility, careful and principled;
6. Strong pressure-bearing and hard-working.

Inspection 1 person, salary and benefits: 6 days monthly rest, 3000-4000 yuan/month

Job responsibilities:
1. On-line inspection;
2. Be responsible for the first confirmation of each process in the production department.
3. Keeping instruments;
4. Assist in customer inspection;
5. Assist production department to improve quality problems;
6. Complete tasks assigned by superiors.
Job requirements:
Over 3 years working experience in the same position.
2. Familiar with product drawings, technical standards and error detection methods;
2. Familiar with product characteristics and product quality requirements;
4. Responsible, principled, good communication and coordination skills.

Effective Drawing Design Commissioner 1, Salary and Welfare: 6 Days'Monthly Rest, 3500-4000 Yuan/Month

Job responsibilities
1. Major according to the space and our products, combined with customer requirements for the production of effect maps, according to customer requirements for daily indoor and outdoor product effect maps design.
2. Be responsible for the collation of company design database.
1. Skillful use of 3D, CAD, PS and other three-dimensional two-dimensional design and drawing software.
2. College degree or above, major in interior design or art, good team work and communication skills.
3. Obey leadership requirements and have a strong sense of responsibility
4. Have a certain understanding and understanding of the design requirements and space composition;
5. Have good artistic skills, grasp color and lighting;

One Network Operations Commissioner, salary and benefits: 6 days monthly rest, 3000-4000 yuan/month

Job responsibilities:
1. Be responsible for the content design of the website, optimize the keywords of SEO, and improve the ranking of the company's website;
2. Be responsible for website traffic/inquiry analysis and put forward improvement plan;
3. Flexible control of promotion efforts and budgets to improve input-output ratio according to operational needs;
4. Planning relevant promotion programs (promotion, new product promotion, etc.) according to industry/market/current affairs regularly
5. Responsible for the layout planning, design and production upload of the company's website activities;
6. According to the company's strategy, formulate the company's brand network promotion program
7. Do a good job in collecting, collating, summarizing and filing all kinds of information and data, and provide high-quality materials for the successful development of the company's projects.
8. Assist in product shooting and catalogue making.
9. Provide design support for business demand department.
10. Responsible for uploading B2B platform and website products, collecting and producing SNS promotional materials
Job requirements:
1. College degree or above, more than 1 year experience in website SEO, new media operation, CET6 in English;
2. Has rich experience in search engine optimization (SEO) operation, familiar with domestic and foreign website internal and external chain construction, keyword analysis, mining;
3. Familiar with the promotion skills of common network platforms at home and abroad (Baidu Post Bar, Encyclopedia, Blog, Weibo, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, BLOG, LINKDEDIN, etc.);
4. Be good at promoting input-output effect analysis, and adjust the operation strategy according to the data.
5. Have the basic ability and skills of brand promotion;
6. Good communication and collaboration skills, innovative ability, good at accepting new marketing methods and methods and using them;
7. Ability to write soft articles and plan operations, and to carry out operations on popular current events;
8. Innovation in thinking, attention to details, can stand in the position of consumers/users to carry out network publicity work;
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