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R & D

Quality assurance

Quality assurance

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First, our desk and chair/learning desk inspection process:
1. IQC: Material Inspection
2. IPQC: Production Process Inspection
3. OQC: Public Security Inspection
4. Inspection outside production
5. CAR: Quality Improvement Conference
Third, inspection steps:
1. Standard inspection of raw materials! (IQC)
2. Standard inspection products! (IPQC)
  1) Design 2) Dimension 3) Welding Joint. Structure 4) Powder Coating 5) Packaging and so on
3. CAR Conference
Second, desk and chair/learning desk test criteria
1. AQL4.0
2. Enterprise Standards (Plywood)
Fourth, after the design of JS desks and chairs has been completed, they have passed the professional desks and chairs testing standard BIFMA, EN-1729 of the United States or the European Union.