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100,000 square meters

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15 Years, Focus on the R&D and production of furniture in professional schools

700 retail chains around the world provide healthy desks and chairs for children

 Providing education furniture solutions for 108 countries



Jiansheng Group, started in 2003 is the researcher & developer, the manufacturer and the seller of middle and high end K12 educational furniture and kids furniture in China. Its business covers 73 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa , Latin America, Middle East Area. It also sets up oversea offices in Germany, Australia, Dubai and Egypt, serving the local education departments, schools and superior agents.



What are desks and chairs?
Standardized homework of desks and chairs refers to the drafting, execution and handling of technical norms and management norms. It promotes the rationalization, standardization and efficiency of the production, technology, economic activities and various processing operations within the power enterprise, and enables the various departments of the power enterprise to establish outstanding technical foundation and processing conditions. The standard of desk and chair is the unified standard that a firm should reach and the rule that must be abided by together. The standardization of desks and chairs is an organized activity process with the main content of formulating and following the norms. This process is not an end, but a continuous cycle, spiral upward, every end of a cycle, the level of standardization is a step forward, the standardization of desks and chairs said product series parts of the standardization of standardization, standardization, generalization.
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I-study Global Tour Exhibition
July 20, 2017 - 23, Istudy Australia AIFF International Furniture Fair to a complete success.With Istudy held in Australia AIFF show successfully,


R & D

JS design team, according to years of professional education space to create experience, will you choose our corresponding products in your classroom space, in the form of 2D or 3D presented in front of you.

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JS Education is the leading brand in the field of K12 educational furniture, including EDUFUN kindergarten K stage furniture brand, L.DOCTOR/ESCO 12 stage desk and chair brand and istude family children's learning desk and chair brand.

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