Joint R&D

As a global professional developer and manufacturer of learning furniture and children's learning desks and chairs; At present, Jiansheng Group has established over 20 long-term new product research and development projects with customers from markets such as Australia, India, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Germany in the fields of school furniture and children's learning desks and chairs.

Jiansheng Group sincerely welcomes new and old customers from around the world to propose joint research and development of new learning desks and chairs, school desks and chairs, and school furniture products to our company, as well as project suggestions.

The steps for joint research and development are as follows:

1. The customer has proposed to Jiansheng Group the technology, price, and positioning requirements for the development of student desks and chairs or children's learning desks and chairs and other learning peripheral products;

2. The R&D center of Jiansheng Group will conduct feasibility research and sales forecast on your proposed R&D ideas and directions, and reply to customers within 5 days whether the company's management has decided to approve the project;

3. If the project is approved, both parties can sign a cooperation agreement for joint development of products and negotiate detailed terms to reach a long-term friendly cooperation relationship between both parties;