Service System

After-sale Service

1. Jiansheng Service Standards: As long as it is a desk and chair product manufactured by Jiansheng, Jiansheng provides lifelong maintenance and after-sales service

If there are quality issues caused by Jiansheng's product materials or manufacturing processes during the warranty period, Jiansheng will provide free after-sales service, including replacing parts or even products.

If beyond the warranty period, Jiansheng will also provide after-sales service to global customers, only charging the lowest service fee and accessory fees.

2. Jiansheng's after-sales service system:

Feedback from school=>Agent/supporting supplier==>Jiansheng after-sales department

The after-sales service specialist shall promptly propose feasible solutions for remote diagnosis problems. If it cannot be resolved remotely, Jiansheng's after-sales team will travel to the location of the school for localized after-sales service.

3. Overview of after-sales process