KUQI Lunch Break Desks and Chairs Investment Promotion Plan


1. Investment target:

Distributors/traders with relevant educational resources nationwide are not allowed to cross regional sales for district/county recruitment agents.


2. Agency Policy:

2.1 Attracting investment to districts and counties;

2.2 Annual minimum of 5000 sets;

2.3 Proxy franchise deposit of 20000;

2.4 Only 30 free sample rooms are available nationwide, on a first come, first served basis;

2.5 Each district/county is limited to one free sample room;


3. Service support for agent franchisees

3.1 Brand authorization and regional protection;

3.2 Product training;

3.3 Sample support (including inter sample support);

3.4 Bidding qualification support;

3.5 Overall solution design support for school furniture;

3.6 Operational support, such as regional inquiries and regional procurement information support;

3.7 Fund financing support;

3.8 On site measurement and survey support;

3.9 year-end rebate support;


4. If the cumulative annual sales exceed 5000 units, a 3-day trip to "Xiamen Zhangzhou" family will be rewarded;


5. If the cumulative annual sales exceed 15000 units, one Mercedes Benz car will be rewarded;