Jiansheng Group | Xiamen Dianqian Street (Gaodian) Old-age Service Care Center Old-age Furniture Delivery Case

Xiamen Dianqian Street (Gaodian) Old-age Service Care Center is a key old-age service organization built by the local government, committed to providing high-quality and diversified old-age services. In order to meet the needs of different elderly people, the center actively introduces advanced elderly care facilities and furniture. Jiansheng Group's elderly care furniture has become the center's preferred partner because of its excellent quality and humanized design.

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Reclining desks and chairs innovate campus lunch break experience, students enjoy comfortable lunch break

With the continuous improvement and innovation of the educational environment, the students' lunch break experience has also ushered in a new change. Recently, many schools across the country have introduced reclining desks and chairs, aiming to provide students with a more comfortable and healthy lunch break environment, so that they can get a full rest during the short lunch break.



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Cool rest lunch break desks and chairs: let students "sleep comfortably"

In the pursuit of educational quality and students' physical and mental health today, Jiansheng Group actively responded to the "double reduction" policy and created a unique lunch break desks and chairs for students-cool rest lunch break desks and chairs. This desk and chair not only allows students to "lie and sleep comfortably" during lunch break, but also greatly improves the comfort of the learning environment and becomes a highlight of the school's teaching facilities.



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Lunch break desks and chairs into the campus to create a comfortable lunch break environment for primary and secondary school students.

With the increasing attention of the society to the physical and mental health of primary and secondary school students, schools all over the country have taken new measures to improve the conditions of students' lunch break. Recently, many primary schools in Quanzhou Taiwan Business District have introduced new lunch break desks and chairs, providing students with a more comfortable and safe lunch break environment, which has been well received by teachers, students and parents.