How much do you know about lunch break desks and chairs?

Lunch desks and chairs, as a special kind of desks and chairs designed for students' lunch break in school, have been gradually popularized in primary and secondary schools in recent years. It not only solves the problem of students' lunch break in school, but also provides a comfortable and healthy lunch break environment for students through its unique design and function. The design of the lunch break desks and chairs is full of humanized considerations. Its structure is simple and strong, usually composed of one-piece steel, with a headrest on the back of the chair and a lying board on the front of the desk. During the lunch break, students only need to adjust the height of the desk, put down the lying board, and adjust the angle of the chair back to easily convert the desk and chair into a lunch break bed. This design is not only convenient and practical, but also makes the lunch break more comfortable and contributes to the physical and mental health of students. In addition to comfort, lunch break desks and chairs also pay attention to safety. As students may be more active in the process of using, the materials and workmanship of desks and chairs have been strictly screened and tested to ensure that they have sufficient load-bearing capacity and stability. At the same time, the edges and corners of desks and chairs are also rounded to avoid bumping injuries during use. In addition, the lunch break desks and chairs also have moisture-proof performance. In a humid environment, ordinary desks and chairs are easy to rust and corrosion, affecting the service life.

Lunch break desks and chairs

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