Personalized learning space: how to choose the most suitable for their own school desks and chairs

With the renewal of educational concepts and the improvement of students' needs for the learning environment, the choice of school desks and chairs is no longer a simple "have desks and chairs". In order to enable students to grow up in the best learning state, it is particularly important to choose a set of desks and chairs suitable for themselves.

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Good News | Warmly Congratulate Aixuejiang (Fujian) Technology Co., Ltd. on Winning 2024 "Innovative Small and Medium Enterprises"

Love learning (Fujian) Space Co., Ltd. won the title of "innovative small and medium-sized enterprise", which is another breakthrough after the national high-tech enterprise. The company said that it will continue to uphold the concept of innovation and development, further increase R & D investment, constantly improve product quality and service level, and strive to provide better solutions for the education industry.



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Our primary and secondary school desks and chairs a total of several models?

In recent years, with the continuous development of China's education, the infrastructure construction of primary and secondary schools has also received great attention. As an indispensable equipment in students' daily study and life, desks and chairs have attracted much attention for their models and standards.



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KUQI lunch break desks and chairs, leading the new fashion of campus lunch break

On the road of pursuing efficient learning and healthy growth, students often face the problems of high learning pressure and poor lunch break quality. In order to solve this problem, Jiansheng Group's "cool rest" lunch break desks and chairs have become the new favorite on campus with their unique design and excellent performance, leading the new fashion of lunch break.