Quality Assurance

I Our desks, chairs, and office furniture inspection process:

1. IQC: Material Inspection

2. IPQC: Production Process Inspection

3. OQC: Public Security Inspection

4. Inspection outside production

5. CAR: Quality Improvement Meeting

II Inspection standards for desks, chairs, and study desks Inspection standards:

1. AQL4

02. Enterprise Standard (Plywood)

III Inspection steps:

1. Standard inspection for raw materials! (IQC)

2. Products subject to standard inspection! (IPQC)

1) Design 2) Dimensions 3) Welding points. Structure 4) Powder coating 5) Packaging, etc

3. CAR meeting

IV After the design of JS products is completed, they all pass the professional testing standards BIFMA for desks, chairs, and office furniture in the United States or the European Union, EN-1729