In 2021, the Ministry of Education successively introduced the "Sleep Order" and "Double Reduction" policies. Teenagers are in a critical period of growth and development, and adequate rest is essential.

Jiansheng Education actively responds to the "double reduction" policy by developing new KUQI lunch break desks and chairs, which can achieve dual purposes of learning and sleeping, especially suitable for schools without dedicated sleeping rooms.

KUQI regards students' experience and applicability as the "number one project" in the design process of lunch break desks and chairs. The primary concern is the experience and comfort of students' nap, and the traditional desk and chair design used by students in daily life is upgraded. While ensuring learning space, it creates a new era of free and burden free sleeping.

KUQI's lunch break desks and chairs can easily switch between different classroom and lunch break needs by adjusting the backrest of the chair. The 105 ° classroom sitting angle and 135 ° nap angle allow students to adjust their comfortable angle according to their own habits. The new lunch break desks and chairs are also equipped with flexible and retractable foot rests, allowing students to relax their feet and improve the comfort of the seats. In addition, the naturally fitting seat backrest disperses the weight bearing capacity of students' bodies, effectively reducing the lumbar muscle pressure that students experience while sitting in the chair during class, alleviating the release of muscle and lumbar pain caused by prolonged sitting, and allowing students' backs to naturally relax.

Respond to "double reduction", take a healthy lunch break, "KUQI" for half an hour, and be efficient for an afternoon. KUQI lunch break desks and chairs meet the needs of students to have good sleep at school, making them more mentally active during afternoon learning.

Since the birth of KUQI, it has covered more than 30 cities as a student lunch service brand. At present, Jiansheng Education's lunch break program has served many schools, many district and county education bureaus accumulatively. At present, we have 33 regional laying sample rooms, which are mainly distributed in Chongqing Jiangbei (Chongqing Jiangbei Hongen laboratory school), Jiangxi Yichun, Quanzhou Nan'an, Zhejiang Tonglu, Hebei Handan (Congtai Experimental Third Primary School), Sichuan Aba Prefecture, Yiwu Choucheng No.1 Primary School, Yiwu Nianli No.1 Primary School Minnan Normal University Affiliated Primary School Longwen Branch, Jiangxi Fengcheng Ruzi Primary School, and so on.