As the name suggests, we aim to provide our customers with a healthy, peaceful, and harmonious working environment. We will provide consumers with a more relaxed, reassuring, and healthy office environment with higher quality and high-quality services as our mission.

Jiansheng Group has been laying out its office furniture business since 2020, and has successively won the bid for the Zhangzhou Administrative Service Center office furniture project, Zhangzhou Lantian Development Co., Ltd. office furniture project, Fuzhou Meicheng Dental Hospital furniture solution project, Tianjin University Fuzhou International Research Institute furniture, Sanming City Party School, Shaxian County Party School, and Yunxiao County Party School and other government procurement projects for office furniture. Next, with the landing of the exhibition hall, we will provide you with more experiential products and services, new scenarios, new experiences, and new journeys.